Teeth Whitening

It’s Time to Try Danville
Teeth Whitening

Because a White Smile is Always in Style

You just pulled up your calendar and realized that the big event you’ve been asked to attend is quickly approaching. What are you going to wear? Is your less than white smile ready to look its best no matter how many photos or selfies you’re asked to pose for? The most effective way to brighten your smile is to try Danville Dental Care’s teeth whitening. The procedure isn’t permanent, and you might need a touch up. However, you can expect results that are many shades lighter, yet still natural, for a white smile that’s noticed for all the right reasons.

How Does Danville Teeth Whitening Work?

Get rid of stains and discolorations in just two easy office visits. During your initial appointment, we carefully take impressions or molds of your teeth. Why is this important? It helps you get a more comfortable, customized fit for your clear, plastic aligner trays used to achieve your desired white smile. At your next appointment, you get to try the trays on to ensure you’re happy with how they fit and feel. You wear them with a special solution either twice daily for 30 minutes or overnight for a couple of weeks. You may experience some sensitivity, but this is normal.

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